Escort Health and Safety Tips

crazy-health-safetyThere are whole lots of profession options available these days to choose from, be it doctor, lawyer, IT professional or sportsperson. An individual can chose any one as per their likes and requirements. Apart from all these, there is one single profession which is not so common but financially good is becoming a professional escort. In various cities there are numerous female that can be seen indulging in escort profession to earn hefty amount of cash and also to enjoy pleasures of life.

Taking up Escort Profession

A doubt has always been prevailing on the profession of an escort, that it is a secretive one and cannot be revealed to anyone except clients. Along with it, an escort also needs to take a lot of precautionary measures which can keep them safe and also their health protected. Hence for girls who have decided to opt for the profession and gain pleasures in life, the very first step to begin with is inquire about their body and find out if they are healthy or not. A good company to start with, is this Newcastle escort agency, take a look at them today. Getting knowledge of self is all about knowing your body and health.

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Of course, lucrative profession of an escort is all about good looking, nice skinned toned and a healthy body.But escort health is also a crucial factor that decides what sorts of clients one shall have, if serviced offered will be satisfactory or not and also whether the client will again come back or not with these guys

Health Tips for Escorts

Just like there certain set of tips to be taken care of while providing service to the client. In the same manner, checking your body type and staying in a good shape is all the more important to keep an individual safe and healthy.

  • Do regular exercise: Being an escort requires nice looking body shape and glowing face. In order to achieve this, indulging in any type of physical exercise like jogging, yoga, gyming and dance can be a good thing to do. This makes you control your weight and to be in exact shape to attract more clients and stay popular in the profession.
  • Have a balanced diet: Keeping control of your diet is also important in a profession of escort. Consult with any physician or doctor who can give you a diet chart and suggest you to eat balanced food with right amount of vitamins, minerals, proteins and carbs. This shall make an individuallook fitter and will also help enhance stamina while having a sexual intercourse. Moreover, this would also make client satisfied after availing service from you.

sexy-health-and-safetyWhy are safety measures important?

Taking safety measures is relatively important especially in this profession. No matter if you are new comer into this profession or have been in the industry for long, taking safety measures keeps an escort hale and hearty and also enables her offer services to clients for long. This also keeps them demandable and popular which is one of the ways of earning good money and staying established in the market.

Personal Safety Measures

Being a part of entertainment business world, it is obvious that many wrong eyes are on you. Personal safety should be your utmost concern not just from strangers but from clients too who are strangers as well. In order to avoid all such hassles, there are safety tips which should be keep in mind that are as follows:

Meeting Safety measures

  • Avoid personal bookings: Try not to meet any clients personal for the booking and make sure the client has booked your service through the agency you work with.
  • Gain relevant information about client: Have a look at the client form filled by the client in order to know all the relative information about that person to whom you will be giving your service.
  • Using Protection: The very first safety measures that need to be taken very seriously is always using a condom while having a sexual intercourse with your clients. Being an escort, it is important for you to carry mobile phone, make up kit and cash. Equally it is important to carry whole lot of condoms with you. During the service, you might come across client insisting for an unprotected sex that means no condom. In situations like this, be firm to use a condom and avoid any harmful disease transmitted through physical intercourse.
  • Check for Client: At times, you might come across a clients who is not looking good, or might be sick or have some kind of disease or infection on his body part. In such situations like this, try to give limited or no service to the client and if possible cancel the booking with them. Having an intercourse with sick person might get that disease transferred in your body and one should in no way take this chance and get their health impacted.

Conveyance Tips

  • When you are out to meet the client in any hotel or guest house, just be sure to take your own mode of transport both for picking and dropping. Do not take the ride offered by the client.
  • If possible, hire a driver for your car who may drop you and pick you up at the preferred slot of time.

Taking such precautions will help an escort to ensure that they remain safe while reaching to the clients and also returns back home without anyone causing harm to her.

Getting Drunk

  • Consuming alcohol or any sort of intoxicating substance can be very harmful in a profession of an escort. Under this influence of this, some might get undue advantage.
  • Be a profession and do not consume alcohol even if the clients insists. The reason could be a client might have mixed any sedative or so in the drink that make you feel unconscious.

Payment Tips

  • Take the payment from the client at a very first glance before actually delivering the service. Do not wait for the time ahead.
  • Be real quick to insist on the payment first as some client might refuse to do after the session is over.
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